Personal Coaching Services

It is our belief that each Well Hello Fitness client is a unique, driven and powerful person who is capable of moving his/her life towards a self-motivated state of control over his/her health and fitness. Coaching is an ideal solution to address specific personal fitness goal setting, fitness competition ambitions, or general conditions in the client's wellness. Our coaching is a hands-on, co-active collaborative approach between client and coach.

Every Well Hello Fitness Coaching plan offers one hundred percent client centered coaching and planning, completely custom and based on your individual goals. These include custom meal planning that incorporates the lifestyle and preferences of each client. The workout planning is based on your goals, experience and fitness level. Continuous revisions are made as needed to keep you goal oriented and progressing at an agreed upon and ambitious pace.


  • Initial coaching kick-off phone call with evaluation
  • Custom Meal plan (and workout plan if selected)
  • Weekly email coaching check in with detailed points of accountability as agreed upon
  • Two per month; personal phone calls with your coach
  • Weekly evaluation of plans (nutrition and workout, if included) and goals with revisions as needed

Each coaching package begins with a three month commitment. Plans transition to a month to month roll-over after the initial three months.

  1. Nutrition $195/mo.
  2. Nutrition plus workouts $235/mo.
  3. Competition prep building phase nutrition $195/ mo.
  4. Competition prep building phase nutrition plus workouts $255/ mo
  5. Competition prep pre-comp cut nutrition $195/ mo.
  6. Competition prep pre-comp cut nutrition plus workouts $155/ mo
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